Organic White Mustard Seed

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manufacturer: ФГ Костів
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ФГ Костів
village of Poliany, Zolochiv district, Lviv region.
Farming household was established in 1992. Since the beginning and until 2006 the farm was operating under extensive mode of production. In 2006, after certain consideration the farm switched its specialization and is now dealing with vitality foods production, which comply with European organic production standards.


White Mustard is a rich source of Kaempferol and Apigenin, plant compounds that balance our hormones. These can help reduce headaches, fight osteoporosis, increase our libidos and our sense of well-being, as well as reducing signs of ageing. Kaempferol is known to promote a healthy heart by protecting the blood vessel linings from damage, may help fight cancer, and is impressively good at supporting general health. 


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